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Poppin’ Pop Ups: A Budget-friendly High-quality scale figure by Good Smile Company

When you look for collectible figures and items of your favorite character, you will most likely stumble upon a Good Smile Company product. They are one of the big companies in the toy industry for over 20 years, and has a wide selection of almost any character you can think of. Good Smile Company is mostly well-known for their kawaii (cute) Nendoroids and other scale figures and items.

For the past 3 years, the people behind Good Smile Company has yet again innovated good quality figures that are affordable, known as the POP UP PARADE. This series, released in 2019, features figures that are 17-18cm (a little over 1/10 scale) for only Y3,900 (P1,750). Pop Up Parade figures also has a fast turnaround time with planned releases only 4 months after preorders end.

According to one of the creators of the series, the inevitable demand for low-cost figures worldwide, by younger collectors and those who are new to collecting, was one of the reasons for developing the Pop Up Parade series. Also, it was a way to showcase good craftmanship, since all figures are hand-painted.

The name POP UP PARADE, as explained by one of the brains of the series, came from POP UP which means the audiences’ favorite characters “Popping Up” into the series, and PARADE meant “lining up” all the figures in their collection. And because of its affordability, the creators hope to make it easier for collectors to complete the characters in each collection.

So far, the series has produced some figures of characters from the latest anime and games which appeals to young toy collectors, to more classic anime series for all fans across the globe. With its quick production and vast selection of characters, this high-quality budget-friendly POP UP PARADE series plans to have them all.




*Based from “A Figure Revolution? The Secrets of Pop Up Parade”

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