Frequently Asked Questions

(please read carefully)


1. What are preordered items?

- Preordered items pertain to products that are soon to be released by the manufacturer at an estimated date that can be ordered or reserved in advance. The given ETA and SRP can be subject to change depending on the manufacturer. 


2. How to preorder?

- You can preorder items in the same process as purchasing "in stock" or available items. However, you have the option to pay a certain amount as downpayment, or you can opt to pay in full.


3. What is the process if I choose to pay the downpayment first?

- The amount required for downpayment will be posted/indicated in the description box. Just settle the indicated amount thru our modes of payment and your orders will be marked as "Partially Paid". This means that the item is already reserved for you. You will then be notified either by text or email once your item has arrived, so you can settle the remaining balance prior to shipment.


4. How long can I reserve my preordered item?

- Once you received a notification message that your item has arrived, you have until 7 days to pay for the remaining balance. If no payment has been made within the allotted time, your reservation will be cancelled and the downpayment will be forfeited. 


5. I changed my mind and would like to cancel my preorder. Can I refund my downpayment/full payment?

- In case of cancellation, the downpayment/full payment is non-refundable.