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Elite Fandom Diorama - NARUTO vs PAIN Scale 1:6 Statue

Elite Fandom Diorama - NARUTO vs PAIN Scale 1:6 Statue

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Naruto vs. Pain Elite Fandom Statue brings to life one of the most anticipated showdowns in the anime’s long-running history. With swappable busts, Naruto can shift between his Sage Mode outfit and iconic Konoha ninja gear, while Pain’s two portraits provide a range of emotional, mid-battle expressions.

Frozen in time, Naruto engages Pain with his Rasengan technique. Katsuyu advises him from her perch on his shoulder while the toads Fukasaku and Shima lend him assistance from either side. Beneath his flowing cape, Fukasaku’s bare back reveals the secret code carved by Jiraya to help Naruto defeat Pain. Countering Naruto, Pain performs his formidable Almighty Push technique, turning his attention from the destruction of the village to capturing the Nine-Tails. Tucked away in the wreckage is the abandoned Kusagakure forehead protector of the Preta Path, who was turned into a toad and destroyed by Naruto. The artistic dust cloud swirling around the base invokes the Akatsuki’s iconic red cloud symbol.


EDITION SIZE: 1,500 pieces



SIZE: 1/6 Scale - H 69 x D 46 x W 64 CM

CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY: Signed by Figurama Collectors CEO Mr. Shanab, Concept Artist Daniel Kamarudin, and 3D Artist Carlos Cruz

INCLUDES: 2 swappable torsos for Naruto (Sage Mode and Konoha Uniform), 2 swappable portraits for Pain, 2 bust stands for Naruto and Pain, exclusive art print


CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Mr. Shanab / Figurama Collectors Development Team

CONCEPT ARITST: Daniel Kamarudin


COLORING ARTIST: Three Eyes Studio

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