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Robosen Transformers - Megatron G1 Flagship Robot (Preorder)

Robosen Transformers - Megatron G1 Flagship Robot (Preorder)

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ETA: Q3 2024
Downpayment: 15,000 (nonrefundable)
Deadline for PO: May 20, 2024

  • Auto-converting from Tank to Robot and back
Immerse yourself in the most awe-inspiring experience of witnessing Megatron convert from Tank to Robot and back, during his quest to defeat the Autobots and conquer the universe!
  • Authentic Styling & Incredible Lighting

112 ultra-bright LED lights illuminate Megatron with stunning blue and violet accents.

  • Embedded Track Design

Featuring individual-controlled tracked treads, enabling the tank to perform pivot turns, mimicking real tank movements.

  • Exclusive Touch Response Feature

Gently touch the top of the chest plate or on the bottom back areas, which will trigger unique 'Responses' by Megatron!

  • Experience the Power with Cutting Edge Technology

Robosen seemlessly integrates the highest-grade components and most advanced technology to create the smoothest, most stable movements and conversion process available!


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