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Robosen Transformers - Optimus Prime English Version (Preorder)

Robosen Transformers - Optimus Prime English Version (Preorder)

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ETA: Q3 2024
Downpayment: 15,000 (nonrefundable)
Deadline for PO: May 10, 2024

Authentic G1 design, Licensed by Hasbro
Robosen’s Hasbro-licensed Optimus Prime comes to life in robot form as the world’s first auto-converting Transformer!
Auto Converting Transformer
From vehicle to robot and back, Optimus Prime can walk in human form and can be driven in vehicle form
4 Programming Modes, Unlock Infinite Gameplay
Four programming modes are voice, manual, block-based, and 3D software. Use them to create your favorite poses and actions by reliving all those classic scenes
Immersive voice interaction & Voiced by Peter Cullen
With 39 commands including “Roll Out”, “Convert”, and “Attack!” Even better, Optimus will respond to your voice. Just say “Hey, Optimus Prime” along with a command and watch him come to life.
Remote App Control
Our exclusive app allows you to transform, walk, and steer Optimus via a Bluetooth mobile app. Automatically transform into a truck with one click for a fun remote-controlled driving experience.
27 High-Precision Servo Motors
Advanced adaptive gait algorithm makes high flexibility and high degree of freedom for Optimus, and can perform classic hero pose, push-ups, Kung fu and other highly complex actions.
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