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To Love-Ru Darkness - Lala Satalin Deviluke Scale 1:7 Figure

To Love-Ru Darkness - Lala Satalin Deviluke Scale 1:7 Figure

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"I like Lito and Lito likes me too... So I'm happy Saiko!"

From the AMAKUNI "To LOVE-to-Toraburu-Darkness" series,
Lara, the first princess and inventor of the Devil Luke star, appears!
As before, the motif is the cover illustration of the art book "Harem Gold",
Figurified in Arabian costumes with plenty of attractions!

Healthy and beautiful legs and sexy belly stretched smoothly,
Beautiful ornaments such as eye-catching breasts, etc., carefully sculpted with the charm of Lara.
Speaking of Devil Luke aliens, the cute tail is also perfectly reproduced.
Long and beautiful pink hair and decoration of each part also express texture etc. by coloring,
Lara's expression smiling gently at this is a figure with plenty of highlights.

Of course, smooth skin specification common to the series.
In addition to modeling and coloring, please enjoy Lara's smooth skin at hand. "


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